ronda rousey llave de brazo
Ronda Rousey armbar. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women.
Ronda Rousey armbar. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women.

Ronda Rousey and the arm lock: a powerful love story.

The arm lock has already made a difference to countless fighters. Perhaps the most famous of them was Ronda Rousey. Ronda was an impressive fighter for many reasons. For being the first female MMA fighter to ever conquer the mainstream media. For finishing the majority of her fights in the first round. But the most impressive fact is that Ronda won most fights with a relatively simple technique: the arm lock.

More than a BJJ classic: an end to the fights. Have you ever dreamed about going to a fight knowing the exact move that could give you the victory? It must be an incredible sense of security. Now, look the other way. Have you thought about going to a fight knowing exactly what technique would bring your defeat? This should make you feel not too confident. This is what Ronda’s opponents probably felt many times.

Ronda rousey en el ufc. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women
Ronda rousey en el ufc. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women

Ronda was a high-level judo competitor. A daughter of the first American woman to become world champion in the sport, Ronda had an unorthodox training at home. She said that sometimes her mother would wake her up in the morning with an arm lock. This may have shown the importance of always being ready. And transferring this confidence to MMA, after a successful career as a Judo medalist in the Olympics, was easy.

Ronda Rousey Olympic Gamers. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women.
Ronda Rousey Olympic Gamers. Jiu Jitsu Barcelona Women.

From Kodokan Judo to the revolutionary Jiu-Jitsu of Helio Gracie, the arm lock appears in many martial arts, simply because knowing it is a matter of survival in fights. This has everything to do with its many possibilities of use. Did you fall on top of the opponent? It’s an excellent way to finish him. Are you down, about to get a lot of punches? The arm lock can also save you in this situation. A chance to turn certain defeat into victory, and cast a bait so that the adversary, in a simple mistake, put everything to waste.

And we got good news: this technique is available not only for champions, you can also learn it from our new arm lock video tutorial. One of the best ways to learn the move, cause you can actually see a fighter doing, step by step, this Brazillian Jiu-jitsu basic move. From now on, we’ll post many kinds of tutorials about many fighting techniques. It’s an excellent way so you can study, pause, review many times and have great way to study and improve your skills.

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