The Challenges of Overcoming Your Own Limits: Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Gym

18 February, 2018
Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.
Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.

Many people complain about the challenges we face in life. The battle begins in early days, when we learn to crawl and later, to walk. But after that, we’ve always been able to cover a much greater distance. There are two types of people: those who face new challenges in search of achievements and those who believe that we don’t need big challenges, we can just try to jump from one safe harbor to the other.

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First, let’s talk about the people who, upon seeing a problem, prefer to run right in the opposite direction. These kind of folk avoid challenges. And, if it’s possible, they will dodge them as Muhammed Ali would do with an opponent, with great skill. The avoidance of problems is their great specialty.

On the other side.

We have those that embrace the challenges. And they don’t seek problems, but rather accept them (cause problems always come). And they know that through the journey of a good challenge, in the end we always find someone mature, improved and experienced: ourselves. There’s people who understand that growth requires a minimum degree of discomfort. And, after a brief period of struggle, another moment of peace and accommodation arises. And so it is with all the learning.

Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.
Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.

But let’s talk about martial arts: which of the two kinds of people would enjoy the benefits of training? The correct answer is: both. Well, it is pretty simple. For you who loves challenges, a martial art represents a daily battle for self-awareness. You can overcome many challenges to get stronger. The goal is not to beat opponents, but to overcome the daily limits. Many people still don’t know their own potential until they start practicing a Martial Art.

Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.
Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.

Discover how far you can go.

And you can discover how far you can go in your search for improvement, and how much you can overcome your own limitations. But what about the ones who avoid challenges, what’s the reward for them? Everything. Because exposing themselves to what they fear is one of the best ways to overcome their weakness. This happens because the feeling of overcoming is unavailable for those who have never looked for challenges. By creating self-esteem and realizing, in practice, something that perhaps no one ever told them: that they can do anything.

Also, a martial art is practiced in a controlled environment where you can test yourself as far as you like. Your self-esteem will progress as you move through the belts and ranks. Until you realize that you have achieved more than a collection of challenges: but you have defeated your own fears. There aren’t greater trophies or medals than this.

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Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.

Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.
Boxing Gym Jiu Jitsu.
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