Learn Boxing online Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai on El Club de la Lucha Youtube channel.

7 February, 2018
Boxing online Jiu Jitsu
Boxing online Jiu Jitsu

No excuses: check the new tutorials in CLB channel.

Great news for Martial Arts students and lovers. Now El Club de la Lucha  present tutorial videos in Youtube containing several step-by-step lessons with useful hints, new moves, and detailed techniques  to improve your style.

Take a look in our youtube channel and see for yourself. It’s champion material, a combo of content for fighters of pure or combined martial arts. You can learn lots of useful stuff and remember the theories behind the moves before testing it in your partners.

  • Choke in guard position – by Francesco Profilo

  • A quick guide to armlock – by Laura Canal Lois

  • Kicking in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA – by Jordi Lloveras

It´s like carrying a Sensei/Teacher with you all the time. See more tutorials here.

Only in El Club de la Lucha Barcelona. The best place for Martial Arts lovers, fighters or practitioners in Barcelona.

Barcelona Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing & Muay Thai Gym

CLB has a very complete facilities for the every day working. From January 2017 CLB has double down its facilities into a large and comfortable mat and new facilities. There is now a new and spacious mat with 2 different and contiguous spaces to offer 2 different disciplines at the same time, a boxing ring, a new crossfight area, a new changing room for man, and a display space at the entrance where you can find all kind of equipment for training.

Boxing online Jiu Jitsu
Boxing online Jiu Jitsu

Our commitment to research and development is the foundation of our program which benefits from an excellent teaching method. In a rapidly changing industry with new training systems, our methodology must adapt to changes. For instance, we perform functional muscular training, drills, endurance and breathing
exercises, gymnastics, kettlebell training and TRX. The courses are for men, women and children, from beginners to competitors. All this in a very friendly and warm atmosphere of evolution. With this information, as well as the rest of the website, we hope you find enough motivation to visit us.

We’re counting on you!

Boxing online Jiu Jitsu

Boxing online Jiu Jitsu
Boxing online Jiu Jitsu
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