Crossfight classes in Barcelona

Crossfight is a physical conditioning system based on constantly varied exercises, which mainly involve functional movements that are executed at high intensity.

At the Barcelona Fight Club we offer crossfight classes, which are an excellent complement for all those students who practice combat sports and want to take their physical performance to the highest competitive level.

Crossfight classes are also an excellent way to get in shape for all those people who do not practice any combat discipline, but who want to improve their physical form and lose weight.

We invite you to try a free crossfight class in our gym in Barcelona so that you can get to know our facilities and our monitors. After the class we will be happy to assist you and resolve any questions you may have.


A crossfight training session lasts 1 hour and is always done in a group. Workout routines vary in each crossfight class, using exercises that are simple, but in many cases performed for the first time.

CrossFight can be practiced by all those who want to improve their health and improve their physical form in general, we always recommend combining this type of training with any fighting or hitting discipline offered at the Fight Club Barcelona.

Our Crossfight or WOD (Work of the day) trainings are usually structured as follows:

  • AMRAP: (As Many Rounds As Possible). It consists of performing as many rounds as possible of each of the exercises that make up the class in a given time.
  • EMOM: (Every Minute On the Minute). This training modality seeks to perform a certain number of repetitions of an exercise, or set of exercises, within a minute for the greatest number of minutes possible. If the person completes the exercise before the minute is reached, they will have that remaining rest time. An EMOM training ends when the athlete cannot finish the exercises that correspond to him / her within the minute or when the minutes marked by the coach are completed.
  • BY TIME: Another form of training is to perform a set number of rounds of exercises within a time limit, or perform a combination of exercises in the shortest time possible.

A crossfight class is a very complete workout, both at a cardiovascular and muscular level, that is carried out with partners. The teamwork, its dynamism and the wide variety of exercises make it a way to get in shape much more entertaining than a traditional fitness or strength training.



Crossfight is a physical conditioning workout that combines traditional fitness exercises with exercises that are carried out in military-type workouts.

The goal of Crossfight classes is to develop primary human abilities and skills such as cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and precision to the maximum.

The person is exposed to as many scenarios and combinations of movements as possible during the hour that the class lasts, thanks to which a strong and agile body is achieved capable of adapting to any physical challenge that must be faced, including movements more unlikely and less likely.


  • Improve aerobic capacity
  • Lose weight and slim your figure
  • Reduce stress
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Greater flexibility and agility
  • Better coordination
  • Activate all muscles and increase strength
  • Achieve set goals faster