Contact sports and
martial arts in Barcelona

Contact sports and
martial arts in Barcelona


Since September 2012, CLB has its headquarters at calle Casp, 147 in the city of Barcelona. We have extensive facilities fully equipped with all the necessary material to offer the most complete teaching to our students: more than 200 square meters of tatami, combat ring, 20 bags, as well as a wide variety of pads, belly pads, etc.

In addition, the gym has a clothing and sports equipment store, where you can find anything that students need to carry out their classes.

We invite you to visit our gym and try a free class, after which we will be happy to advise you on everything you need to decide if CLB is the place that best suits your goals and needs.

CLB offers the following disciplines with schedules available during the mornings, noon and afternoons:

  • Striking: Muay thai, boxing and Kick boxing
  • Wrestling: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, grappling and Olympic wrestling
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Crossfight to improve fitness
  • Yoga


Average rating: 5 out of 5 (hundreds of customers)


El Club de la Lucha Barcelona is a combat sports and martial arts gym that was born in February 2010 by the hand of Jordi Lloveras, who decided to launch this ambitious project after a long history of training and competition in different fighting disciplines. and hit.

Jordi Lloveras began his career in contact sports in 1997, with kickboxing being the discipline chosen to take his first steps. During the following years he expanded his knowledge of striking by training in boxing and muay thai. In 2004 he began his career in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the prestigious Gracie Academy, where he obtained his black belt in 2011. During all these years he has trained in different gyms in Barcelona, Los Angeles, London and Thailand, in addition to having participated in numerous competitions, both nationally and internationally.

The experience obtained teaching classes in different gyms, as well as in competitions, has allowed Jordi to meet a multitude of fighters and understand first-hand what are the expectations and concerns that a person who trains contact sports has, either at a level. amateur or professional, throughout his career. These learnings have been of great value when creating a project like CLB, which stands out for its excellent teaching methodology, as well as for the good atmosphere and human treatment that is breathed among its members.

CLB continues to grow day by day thanks to the passion and dedication of all the people who make up this great family.

Health & Wellness

Self Defense

Overcoming and self-confidence



There are a wide variety of reasons why a person can practice martial arts and combat sports. From the simple practice of sports to get in shape, the practice of medium-high intensity to compete occasionally, or the professional practice, which requires a type of training of high intensity and regularity.

At CLB we will accompany you along your way to ensure that you achieve your goals, while enjoying the journey.

Regardless of the goal, we work to ensure that all of our students enjoy the common benefits of combat sports, which are an obvious improvement in physical and mental health on many levels.