Kickboxing: much more than a classic Van Damme movie.

17 July, 2017


Almost every kid loved to watch action movies, no matter what decade were born. Be it in the 80’s with Van Damme and his classic Kickboxer movie, in the 90’s with Jet Li or even in the fights full of visual effects that emerged in the 2000s, Matrix style.

So, everyone can be sure that no martial art achieves the beauty of movements allied to high efficiency like Kickboxing does.

van damme kickboxing barcelona

Born in Japan, this fight transcended its origins in karate incorporating techniques from other arts like Muay Thai to become one of the most respected fights. Even because, let’s be honest, Van Damme imposes much more respect than the fragile Daniel San. Western boxing techniques complement their arsenal, merging with kicks and slips in the most intelligent way. In addition, its efficiency transcends the area of the fights to show up a complete workout that pumps both your cardio and your muscles. Also, you will get a bonus: amazing kicking photos to your instagram.

grils doing kickboxing in barcelona

Need more? Well, you’ll be glad to know that Kickboxing representatives have won several martial arts challenges long before MMA became popular around the world. And that it is still one of the top striking fighting style choices by MMA pros. Another advantage, especially on hot days, is that the sporting aspect eliminated traditional accessories like the kimono, making the practice of the fight even more adapted to the West.

Want a sport that teaches you to defend yourself and, at the same time, realize your childhood dream of being an action hero? Enter El Club de La Lucha Barcelona and meet a style that combines punches, kicks and lots of fun.

mand doing kickboxing in el club de la lucha barcelona

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