Martial arts for children in Barcelona

At El Club de la lucha Barcelona we offer martial arts classes for children in our gym in Barcelona.

Our gym, located near the monumental square of Barcelona, has spacious and perfectly equipped facilities so that children can enjoy their martial arts classes.

We invite you to come and try a free class so that you can get to know our gym and our team of teachers. After the test class we will be happy to assist you personally and resolve any questions or queries you may have.


At CLB we offer two types of martial arts classes for children, which are the result of mixing techniques from a wide variety of combat disciplines:

Wrestling: Wrestling classes include Olympic wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques

Striking: Striking classes incorporate techniques from different combat sports, among which boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai stand out.

The classes are always adapted to the age of the children, as well as their physical development and skill level.

The goal is for children to have fun practicing martial arts with their classmates, while learning a sports discipline that has many benefits for their physical and personal development.

In addition to learning the martial art itself, children will benefit from many other aspects that are enhanced when training combat sports, such as:

  • Learn to be consistent and persevere to conquer a skill
  • Learn to concentrate and focus
  • Self-discipline for self-growth
  • Respect for colleagues and teamwork

Although actual mastery of the martial arts can take a long time, children learn to appreciate the challenge and perseverance that are necessary to hone their skills and to enjoy the journey to achieve their goals. This is a priceless life lesson that will stay with the child for the rest of his life.


Choosing the right martial art for our children can be complicated due to the wide variety of disciplines that exist and the diversity of types of schools that can be found. That is why at the Barcelona Fight Club we offer a complete program that allows children to train in the different disciplines that make up a complete fighter, from distance fighting through blows to grip fighting, either standing or on the floor.

To ensure that the child has the best experience, at CLB we focus on children having a good time during the class, creating an environment that fosters solidarity and a good atmosphere among students.  

El Club de la lucha Barcelona we care so that children have the best possible training and to guarantee parents that their children are in good hands. That is why we are committed to the following points:

  • Free trial class. This is an excellent way to get to know our gym and our teachers so that you can evaluate if CLB is a good option for the child and their family.
  • Highly trained professional instructors. Our instructors are trained to teach martial arts, both on a technical and emotional level. In addition, before becoming teachers, all of them had previously been students of the club, with which they know perfectly the philosophy and values ​​of the Fight Club Barcelona.
  • Instructor-to-student ratio. It is important that there is an adequate ratio of instructors to students to ensure that all children receive the necessary attention for their learning and to ensure that they are supervised.
  • Comprehensive and age-appropriate curriculum. We offer a personalized and appropriate plan for each child taking into account their age and their specific characteristics. The program developed for each child will focus on the development of their abilities, as well as their mental growth and physical development.
  • Clean and safe facilities. Our gym provides a clean and safe training environment for children. Our facilities are completely covered by a tatami mat and have all the necessary equipment and accessories to guarantee a safe and fun training.
  • Group students by age and experience. We organize classes according to the age and level of each student to ensure that each child achieves the best results in each training session.
  • Rate flexibility. We offer different rates to choose from depending on the number of classes that you want to take each week to adjust to the schedules and needs of each child and family.


One of the questions that we usually find ourselves with is one that has to do with the ideal age at which a child can start attending martial arts and combat sports classes.

Opinions regarding this matter are also varied depending on the source we consult. Some parents and professionals believe that as soon as possible, while others believe that too soon can have detrimental effects. The truth is that there is no single correct answer and that the ideal age will depend on the child, the chosen martial art, the philosophy of the school and other factors specific to each child.

While it is important to teach children the benefits of perseverance and effort at an early age, it is also true that intense training is something that is not usually recommended when children are under 5 or 6 years old. Having said this, it should also be clarified that the level of development of each child is different; while some develop quickly, others will develop a little later.

On the other hand, it is also essential to listen to the child and know if he really wants to learn martial arts. Some children may show interest in martial arts by the age of 3 and others will not do so until they are 10 years old. Whatever the age, it is important that the child has fun and agrees to join martial arts classes.

If we were to recommend an age to sign up for martial arts classes based on our experience, it would be from 5 or 6 years old, since before this age it is usually too early to carry out effective teaching. When children are very young, they may not yet have developed the motor skills necessary to perfect certain combat techniques, but we can guarantee that they have a good time exercising and interacting with their classmates and learning values ​​such as work at home. team, solidarity or sharing knowledge.


The martial arts of El Club de la lucha Barcelona are a very good extracurricular and sports activity for children, since their multiple benefits are obtained on a physical, mental and educational level.

These are some of the main benefits of enrolling children in martial arts and combat sports classes.

  • They focus on individual growth, not team competition. Many sports come with the pressure to compete against other children, whereas in martial arts the focus is on self-improvement and there is no threat of “letting the team down”.
  • Specific goals are pursued. In martial arts, children work at their own pace and earn a different colored belt each time they reach a new skill level. This way of evolving within a sport can increase self-esteem and maintain motivation.
  • You learn the importance of small achievements. A combat technique can involve a variety of different movements. Children learn gradually, carrying out repetitions and adding movements as they go until they can finally execute a technique in its entirety.
  • They emphasize self-control and concentration. Attention is essential for martial arts, as children must stay focused to learn and do the movements correctly. Whether it’s serving the teacher or putting the techniques into practice, focus is essential in a martial arts class.
  • They help with coordination. Practicing martial arts helps children feel better about their bodies and gain a better perspective on factors such as space and distance. This is good for developing motor skills, as well as helping children understand the power of the mind over the body.
  • They provide structure. Martial arts are accompanied by ethical codes and clear rules that provide a framework for good behavior. Children learn to observe and respect these codes and norms, which contributes to better behavior, both outside and within class.
  • They are a sports activity in which a lot of energy is discharged and they contribute to optimal physical development.
  • It is an environment of acceptance. Respect is a fundamental value in martial arts. Children should show it to both their instructor and their peers. Negativity is generally not tolerated in class and students are encouraged to support each other.
  • Eliminate violent behaviors. Instructors constantly emphasize to children that fighting is the last resort. Students learn that a martial art is a self-defense device and that violent situations are to be avoided whenever possible.
  • It is a fun and different sport. A martial arts class is a very fun activity for a child, as there are moments that are very similar to participating in a game. In addition, it is a less common sport than others, such as soccer or basketball, which gives the child special abilities.