Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) is a martial art practiced standing using combinations of fist, elbow, knee and leg strikes. Most kicks are performed striking with the shin, except the front kick which uses the sole of the foot. Thai also allows for what is known as “clinching”, in which the opponents seize the back of each other’s necks/heads, strike each other, and try to sweep or throw their opponent when off balance.

Today, Muay Thai has become a national symbol and part of the history and identity of the Kingdom of Thailand. Its roots come from Muay Boran, a traditional martial art.

“The true champion is the one who manages to win himself, that is our worst rival, our mind.”

Muay Thai is an aerobic sport that helps to increase physical endurance, cardio, agility, flexibility, reflexes, balance, and confidence. It also reduces stress. Muay Thai aids in the toning of muscles because its practice requires a huge effort in terms of strength and balance.

Muay Thai classes are offered every day during the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions during the ‘Striking’ slot. Our courses are structured as follows: We begin to prepare our bodies for the session by warming up and stretching, and then drill different Muay Thai techniques. We continue with live sparring or hitting the punching bag, and then perform a fitness circuit before concluding with stretching.