Wrestling classes in Barcelona

At El Club de la lucha Barcelona we offer wrestling classes, also known as olympic wrestling, in our gym in Barcelona. We offer classes for both genders, male and female, as well as for children.

Our gym in Barcelona has perfectly equipped facilities for practicing wrestling, with all the necessary equipment for good technical and physical preparation.

We invite you to come and try a free wrestling class so you can see our facilities near the center of Barcelona and meet our instructors. After the test class we will be happy to assist you and resolve any questions you may have.


CLB wrestling classes are divided into three major main

Warming up

Wrestling is a very demanding sport, so everything that can be done to increase our performance and keep our body healthy must be implemented in our training routines. A dynamic warm-up routine is of great importance since in a wrestling match the body twists and turns in different directions, so it is essential to be as prepared as possible.

Dynamic warm-ups activate the muscles that will be used during a workout or competition. These types of exercises improve mobility, flexibility and explosiveness, allowing the body and mind to unleash their full potential. After a warm-up session, the wrestler must be ready to train and compete at the highest level.

By incorporating dynamic warm-ups into their training routine, wrestlers prepare their bodies to perform better in training and competition, while reducing the risk of injury.

Learning techniques and drills

The core body of the class is dedicated to reviewing basic techniques as well as incorporating more advanced techniques throughout. This part of the class is carried out with a partner with whom you can practice and repeat the techniques explained by the teacher.

The techniques taught cover all the situations in which we can find ourselves in a wrestling match:

  • Fighting positions
  • Offensive techniques
  • Defensive techniques
  • Combat strategies

There are a number of techniques and movements that form the basis from which to develop our wrestling skills. Understanding how to perform these movements correctly and dedicating the necessary time to them will allow us to move on to other more advanced techniques.

The basics in wrestling include:

  • Posture: Posture refers to the body position we adopt on the mat. The postures in the fight vary according to the degree of height and inclination of our body with respect to the tatami and our opponent.
  • Neutral position: this is the position that is taken at the beginning of each fight, in which we find ourselves facing our opponent with our shoulders glued to each other.
  • Entry or penetration step: this is the first movement that is carried out to try to break our opponent’s guard.
  • Level change: refers to the upward or downward movement of the hips when we try to knock down our opponent or defend against him.
  • Takedown: refers to any technique used to bring our opponent to the mat from a neutral position.
  • Sweeping or turning: refers to any technique that allows us to quickly convert a defensive position into an offensive one.
  • Referee’s position position with which a round is started or restarted in which one wrestler is with his hands and knees on the mat while the other wrestler is in a dominating position on the opponent’s back.
  • Breakdown: It is a series of techniques that allow us to take down our opponent when we are in the aforementioned position of the referee.
  • Escape: Set of techniques used from the position of the lower referee to escape from the opponent and regain a neutral position.
  • Finish: a finish is achieved when we manage to immobilize our opponent with his two shoulders against the mat for a minimum of two seconds.

As we have commented previously, the benefits of participating in our wrestling classes are multiple, since a good base is developed at a physical, mental and technical level, which can later be transferred to other martial arts or sports disciplines.


The final part of the wrestling classes is dedicated to the matches.

Sparring is the time to put into practice the offensive and defensive movements that have been learned in the classes, while working on other important aspects such as strategy, endurance and mental strength.

During the matches it is important to be aware of the physical characteristics and the level of the partner to make the sparring productive and educational for the two fighters, as well as to avoid injuries.

Even if we are not in a competition, it is essential to know some of the basic rules of wrestling, so that we know when we are winning or losing the fight during the sparring session. In addition, knowing the scoring systems will help us make smarter decisions throughout the fight.

These are the most important scoring rules:

  • A fall or pin entails the end of the combat
  • Successful takedowns get two points
  • Leaks get a point
  • Successful scraps or reversals get two points
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior gives a point to the opponent
  • Using an illegal grip gives the opponent a point
  • Unnecessary aggressiveness gives the opponent a point
  • Inactivity leads to a warning and a second warning gives a point to the opponent. A fifth inactivity warning leads to disqualification


Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history and was one of the disciplines included in the first Olympic Games. In the Olympic Games there are two styles of wrestling, freestyle and Greco-Roman. Both fighting styles require great strength, power and explosiveness to be able to knock the opponent to the ground.

Wrestling is considered one of the most complete fighting styles, since it requires great physical and mental aptitudes. We are facing a combat sport in which it is essential to have good balance, explosiveness, strength and mental toughness, while technical finesse and strategic ability are needed to be able to knock down and control an opponent on the ground.

Our wrestling classes focus on learning solid techniques that can be used in an MMA, BJJ or Grappling competition, since a good wrestling base is a must for anyone who wants to have a good transition game at the time. to compete in one of the above disciplines.

Wrestling is one of the most demanding martial arts, but also one of the most rewarding, as it teaches values ​​that will accompany us for the rest of our lives, such as discipline, hard work, and perseverance. In addition, the skills acquired with the practice of wrestling are of great help for learning other martial arts, since all of them require virtues such as reflexes, agility, strength, explosiveness, balance, etc.


Physical condition is especially relevant in wrestling. It is a very physically demanding sport and being in good shape is essential to reach a good competitive level, or at least to reach our maximum potential. Both offensive and defensive techniques require explosiveness, agility, speed and strength to be executed successfully.

On the other hand, having a good cardio allows us to continue making intelligent decisions on the mat, since it is very easy to start making mistakes once fatigue has taken hold of us.

Here are some tips that are important to perform well in any sport or fighting discipline, including wrestling:

  • Cardio: A wrestling practitioner needs to develop his resistance to be able to face training with guarantees, as well as a possible competition. Your body and organism need to be able to withstand high intensity physical exercise for a long period of time. That is why completing wrestling workouts with sessions to increase cardiological capacity is highly recommended.
  • Strength training: Strength training can provide a significant advantage over an opponent, especially as you improve and the competition begins to get tougher. We recommend concentrating on compound exercises that target large muscle groups and increase your ability to perform forceful, explosive movements.
  • Rest: Sufficient and quality rest is as important as training regularly. Our body performs most of its repairs while we sleep, and the brain takes an average of seven to eight hours each night to cool completely. There is no doubt that not getting enough sleep will affect our performance on the mat and hamper our ability to learn techniques during practice sessions. It is also important to find a few days to rest from training, ideally two days a week and one or two weeks off every six months.
  • Nutrition: Food has effects on our body and on our performance. We have to make sure that we obtain the necessary and sufficient nutrients to maximize our performance through a healthy and balanced diet. Staying well hydrated throughout the day and training is another aspect to pay attention to.


Legendary Olympic wrestling champion Dan Gable once said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” This statement is true for anyone who has trained in wrestling, a challenging martial art that teaches its practitioners many valuable lessons on how to constantly evolve and how to survive tough times.

Here are some reasons to sign up for our wrestling classes:

It teaches us to be more responsible

Although you train alongside an instructor and a team, most of the burden of improving and being a good competitor falls on the student himself. The number of hours of training, improving physical fitness, learning techniques… it all comes down to our ability to be responsible and dedicate the necessary time.

It makes us more humble

Being an individual sport, in which we go one-on-one, we quickly learn that there is no one to blame, except ourselves, if things have not turned out as we wish in a match. This teaches us to accept failure more easily, while giving us enough motivation to keep improving. Instead of dwelling on the same mistakes, we realize that we have to learn from them and improve.

It is a great base for other combat sports

Wrestling practitioners develop physical capabilities, mental strength, and relentless spirit that will be of great use to them when starting out in any other combat discipline.

Helps develop basic athletic skills.

Wrestling is a very complete training. Strength is developed from the constant struggle that one has with the opponent and from the need to maintain a good posture. Flexibility and good core strength are also necessary to defend against an opponent’s takedown attempts and to maintain balance, while explosiveness is needed to be able to carry out a takedown.

Endurance and strength are developed like no other martial art

As mentioned above, the strength developed by practicing wrestling on a regular basis is unmatched by other fighting disciplines. All major muscle groups are used in wrestling, as both functional and explosive strength is needed to be successful. On the other hand, the heart and lungs function more efficiently to adapt to the explosive movements that are carried out continuously during combat.

Educate in respect

The more you train wrestling, the more you value the hard work that all partners and even opponents put in. Due to the physical and mental demands that are required to compete in wrestling, mutual feelings of admiration develop between everyone involved in the sport.

It’s a great way to defend yourself

The skills that are developed in wrestling can be used in self defense. With the practice of wrestling, the instinct to defend oneself develops, in addition to having the ability to knock down and control a person who has been aggressive and violent.

It is a great way to lose weight

Wrestling is a very intense sport, in which a great expenditure of energy is carried out in each training session. There are few sports that can be compared to it when it comes to burning calories efficiently.

Mental strength

Each wrestling match tests our mental and emotional strength, bringing us to the brink of physical and mental exhaustion. Through struggle, you learn to overcome failure and disappointment and to use your mistakes as a learning platform.